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Modern Inconveniences

My Modern Inconveniences folder, in which Rai and the group battles everyday modern technology.  Enjoy.

1) Modern Inconvenience
Manwha: Noblesse
Characters: Cadis Etrama Di Raizel, Frankenstein, M-21, Han Shinwoo, Woo Ik-Han, Suh Yoo-na
Description: No one wondered...
Rating: K
2) Blowdrier
Characters: Cadis Etrama di Raizel, Takeo
Description: "... it's for drying your hair, after a shower..." Rai stalks the noise in the bathroom.
Warning: Crack, vague shonen ai hinting (if you squint), spoilers
Dedication: Paralelsky, because it's for our challenge
Prompt: Blowdrier
Rating: K+ ('cause Takeo's naked and you know you pictured it)
Characters: Cadis Etrama di RaizelxTakeo (implied), Frankenstein, ShinwooxYuu-na (implied one-sided), M-21, Tao, Ik-han, Suh-yi
Description: The group goes to the fair... courtesy of Frankenstein's paycheck, of course.
Warning: Implied shonen ai, humor, crack, vague ooc
Rating: T
Prompt: Rai + French Fries + Mayo
Dedication: Paralelsky, for her never-ending supply of prompts.  ^^  She is the reason I started writing for this fandom.  Love ya, babe.

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