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Seireitei Serenade
Yu Yu Hakusho


Characters: Cadis Etrama di RaizelxTakeo (implied), Frankenstein, ShinwooxYuu-na (implied one-sided), M-21, Tao, Ik-han, Suh-yi
Description: The group goes to the fair... courtesy of Frankenstein's paycheck, of course.
Warning: Implied shonen ai, humor, crack, vague ooc
Rating: T
Prompt: Rai + French Fries + Mayo
Dedication: Paralelsky, for her never-ending supply of prompts. ^^ She is the reason I started writing for this fandom. Love ya, babe.


“Oh, you know, the fair is in town!” Shinwoo announced randomly one day.

Which, really, should have made Frankenstein kill him. Brutally. With a toothpick. Now, thanks to that redheaded moron, he was stuck babysitting the entire group as they walked through the crowd of people, staring at the attractions. Three, two, one...

“Oh! Yuu-na! See that? Let's all go on the Farris wheel!” Shinwoo said, turning to the girl that held his affections.

She smiled politely and nodded. “Sure, Shinwoo...”

Rai eyed the contraption as they approached before looking at Frankenstein. “... I wish to eat,” he said, obviously uncomfortable with the idea of riding the thing.

Frankenstein didn't particularly blame him. As it was, he jumped at the chance. “Alright! I'll bring you to get something to eat. Ah, would you go with the children, Tao, … Martin?”

M-21 gave him an annoyed look. Martin? That was the best he could come up with? The blond shrugged as if to say he was bad at being put on the spot; M-21 just thought he had a vindictive streak. Before the grey-haired male could answer, Tao did so for them.

“Sure thing,” he agreed enthusiastically, elbowing Ik-han. “Ever wonder if we could get lap top service up on the top?”

Big brown eyes sparkled at the thought and the much shorter boy nodded enough that it was a wonder he wasn't getting dizzy. “We should see!” he exclaimed, grabbing onto Tao's elbow.

M-21 sighed. “... I guess I need to. Otherwise those two'll zone out and the others could be shot in the back for all they knew...”

Takeo patted his shoulder. “Don't worry. I wish you luck.”

“... you're not going?”

“I'm afraid of heights.” It was clearly a lie, but neither called it as the purple haired male was already walking over to join Frankenstein and Rai.

Frankenstein beamed at him. “Anyone else?”

Suh-yi looked torn between accompanying the hot men and going with her friends. When Yuu-na turned imploring eyes on her, though, she relented and stayed back with them. Frankenstein breathed a sigh of relief and waved them off, going with Rai and Takeo toward the sectioned off food area. “We can find some ramen-”

Rai abruptly stopped, eying a stand. The other two paused as well and Takeo leaned forward, frowning. “It's a fast food stand.”

“What are the golden sticks?” Rai demanded, turning to Frankenstein.

The blond blinked at him, then looked at the stand. Golden... sticks...? Oh! “Those are French Fries, Ma- ah...” He glanced around, then muttered, “Master.”

Takeo gave him a look like he was deranged. “They're popular among kids in America. Not sure about here,” he inserted with a shrug.

Rai frowned ever so slightly before walking toward the stand and stopping at the counter. “How can I help you?” the bouncy girl behind it asked as she looked up. She stilled, staring at the three (who all remained oblivious to her reaction). “Oh ye gods...”

Frankenstein, distracted by the mention of gods, looked up at her and smiled. “One serving of French Fries, please.”

She nodded slowly. After a beat, Rai looked up at her and she blinked. Such pretty eyes... She shook her head. “Right away!” she said, belatedly.

Takeo eyed her nervously, both he and Frankenstein recognizing a fangirl for what she was. Quickly, they ushered the Vampire Prince to a nearby picnic table to await their food, hoping that she wouldn't break protocol and venture past the counter. Rai chose not to argue (he knew what they were up to anyway) and allowed them to choose their seat.

“Do you want condiments?” Takeo asked after a moment of just sort of sitting there staring around.

Rai tilted his head and stared at the human for a beat, then looked at Frankenstein. “Condiments?”

Ten minutes later, they were huddled around the Vampire Prince, peering down into the funnel that held his fries. He held in his hand an empty mayo packet. The mayonnaise itself was puddled in the dead center of the pile of fries, slowly oozing in between them and giving Takeo strange thoughts (that he was unaware were heard quite clearly by their subject, who pretended he actually hadn't been eavesdropping... again).

Frankenstein coughed and straightened, keeping up a steady mental diatribe of 'Master likes ramen, Master likes ramen, Master likes ramen, must create the perfect ramen for Master, Master likes ramen...' in order to avoid what was happening in Takeo's case (though the scientist hardly knew this). He glanced over toward the counter nervously, noting that the three female attendants were watching them with absolutely no subtlety at all, and barely resisted the urge to shudder. Fangirls. Uhg.

Meanwhile, Rai had taken a bite of the food and gone absolutely still. Takeo shifted. “Well...?” he ventured uncertainly.

“...” The vampire looked at him blankly, then lifted a white-coated French Fry. “I like it.”

Takeo stared at it. Oh gods... The guy had to be doing this on purpose!

Little did he know, Rai was.


Oy vey. Sucky ending. But I didn't wanna turn it into outright yaoi, since it was supposed to be just a random funny drabble... and is like three pages long.

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