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Seireitei Serenade
Yu Yu Hakusho

Seireitei Serenade - Bleach Drabbles and One-shots


A series of drabbles and one-shots, centering on the anime/manga Bleach. I take requests!

Pairing/characters: IchigoxByakuya, Yuzu, Karin, mentions of others.
Description: It must have been the half-masked look in the noble's eyes that made him think of it. And of course, her words must have made him do it.
Warnings: Fluff, yaoi
Dedication: Nekosaiko on DA
Rating: T
Pairing/characters: AizenxGrimmjow, Gin, Ulquiorra, Tosen
Description: There were things that only a few knew of, such as why Aizen allowed Grimmjow to take his position back.
Warnings: Yaoi, bound-sex, spoilers for HM arc, language, etc.
Dedication: jiuge on DA: a tribute to her wonderful pic 'God Bless the Child'.
Rating: M
Pairing/characters: YoruichixUrahara, Hitsugaya, Ichigo, Renji, Ikkaku, Yumichika, Matsumoto, numerous others
Description: Fur will fly. But Yoruichi and Urahara don't care, as long as they get a threesome.
Warnings: Hentai, language, spoilers for SS arc, some crack.... okay, a lot.
Dedication: Um... Whoever it was that requested it...
Rating: T
Pairing/Characters: KenpachixIshida (hinted), Yumichika
Description: It was just too cute.
Warnings: Hinted yaoi, spoilers for SS arc (if you look really hard)
Dedication: No one, really... It just popped up into my head, so...
Rating: K+
Pairing/characters: IchigoxUrahara, Yoruichi, Rukia, Yumichika
Description: Ichigo realizes that it was a bad idea to ask for Yumichika's advise in fashion. Request from ElemenTalia.
Warnings: Crack, Ichigo-centric, spoilers (maybe)
Rating: T
Authoress' Note: ElemenTalia requested an IchiHara, and here it is. I hope you like it, hun!
6) Oops
Pairing/characters: IchigoxByakuya
Description: He never would have pegged the noble as the 'groping' sort. Random idea
Warnings: Spoilers
Dedication: To Azar-sama, who is a wonderfully funny writer.
Rating: T
Pairing/characters: YoruichixSoifon
Description: "As eloquent as ever, I see."
Warning: Slight spoilers for SS arc, and Yoru/Soi history
Dedication: Yukilefay on DA, for the request.
Rating: T (for light lime)
Pairing/characters: Aizen/Hinamori (one-sided), Unohana, Gin
Description: She imagines his hand is in her hair. She imagines sadness in his eyes.
Warning: Psycho!Momo, spoilers for SS arc
Dedication: Erm. No one. I was just given inspiration for this after listening to 'Almost Lover'.
Rating: T (for psychological problems that kids should probably not read about, no matter how mild)
9) Eyes
Pairing/characters: UlquiorraxOrihime
Description: She was annoying, sure. And she was in love with an annoying brat, okay. But they shared the same eyes.
Warning: Spoilers for SS and HM arc, angst
Dedication: CrimonDucky because s/he requested it.
Rating: T

10) Special Report: A Menace to Society
Pairing/characters: Kenpachi, Yachiru, Ikkaku, Ukitake, Shunsui, several others
Description: She lurks. She prowles. She's the menace of Seireitei.
Warning: Faint spoilers for SS and HM arc, lotsa crack, Momo-bashing
Dedication: ... Draco-sama, since I know how much she reeeeeaaaaalllllyyyy hates Momo. And Azar-sama, since she came up with Darth Yachiru.
Rating: T (for violence)

11) Seven Minutes in Heaven
Pairing/characters: SoifonxKenpachi, Yoruichi, Urahara, Ichigo, Rukia, others
Description: She'd do anything for her Yoruichi-sama, after all.
Warning: Spoilers (slight, for SS arc)
Dedication: Draco-sama, 'cause it's so a companion for her own Seven Minutes in Heaven
Rating: T

12) Left in the Dust
Pairing/characters: RenjixOrihime (present), Rukia/Ichigo (present), Orihime/Ichigo (past), Renji/Rukia (past)
Description: Renji really hated Kurosaki, because he always made Orihime-chan look so lonely.
Warning: A little Ichigo-bashing, but only because Renji's pissed, Spoilers for SS arc, angst
Dedication: CrimonDucky because s/he requested it.
Rating: K+

13) Problem
Pairing/characters: RenjixKira, (hinted) ByakuyaxIchigo
Description: Renji faces a dilemma. And Izuru might just have the resolution. One-shot trade with Dracoqueen22
Warning: Spoilers
Dedication: To Draco-sama, because she'll be writing me an UlquiBya in return.
Rating: T (for kissing)

14) Unexpected
Pairing/characters: Gin, Oc
Decription: Well, Kya sure didn't expect this one, though it was rather amusing.
Warning: Oc, hints of het, spoilers for SS arc, etc.
Dedication: RAWRified on FFN and DA, for letting me borrow her Oc for this. Kya belongs to RAWRified, and may not be used by anyone else without first speaking with RAWRified herself.
Rating: T
Authoress' Note: RAWRified has officially given me permission to use her Oc, Arakaki Kya, in the following note: i formally give you permission, just say where u got kya from and ill be happy

15) Leash
Pairing/characters: ShunsuixNanao, Ukitake, Kyone/Sentaro (slight)
Description: Nanao really didn't know how he did it. It was beyond her.
Warning: Spoilers for SS arc, crack, het
Dedication: RAWRified, for requesting 'something with Shunsui acting like an idiot'. XD
Rating: T (for swearing)

16) A Small Winter's World
Pairing/characters: ChadxOrihime, Ishida
Description: It was their's and their's alone. No one could enter.
Warning: Spoilers (if you squint), het, slight angst
Dedication: Kali-chan, who requested it.
Rating: K+

17) Fairy Tale
Pairing/characters: UryuuxOrihime
Description: She was the princess, and he was the warrior prince.
Warning: No real spoilers, unless you're really looking for them, het, crack
Dedication: KibaSin, my good friend and beta, for requesting this.
Rating: T

18) Beware of Fifth Seat

Pairing/characters: Kenpachi, Yumichika, Yachiru, Unohana

Description: Be afraid.  Be very afraid.

Warning: Crack, slight spoilers for SS and HM arc

Dedication: Ken-chan himself, 'cause he's a sexy beast.

Rating: T (for swearing)


19) The Things we Do

Pairing/characters: OrihimexUlquiorra, (slight) SentaroxKiyone

Description: Her tears fell and ran down his face.  "Don't die..."

Warning: Spoilers for HM arc, het

Rating: T


20) Ire of the Dragon God

Pairing/characters: (one-sided) HinamorixAizen, (grotesque and one-sided) AizenxHitsugaya

Description: The second time, it was even sweeter.

Warning: Spoilers for the second Karakura arcs and SS arc.  Oh, yeah, and evil Aizen...  Aizen, he's badass.  XD

Rating: M (for gore and macabre themes)


21) Blood Soaked

Pairing/characters: Nnoitra, adult Neliel

Description: He was finished, but why did he think of her?

Warning: Gore, macabre content, Spoilers for HM arc

Rating: M (for gore and macabre themes)


22) Takoyaki

Pairing/character: ByakuyaxRenji

Description: Right...  now.  Okay, now.  No...  Now.  Dammit.

Warning: (light) yaoi, slight spoiler-ish

Rating: T (for lime)


23) Hell Butterfly

Pairing/characters: ByakuyaxRenji

Description: Renji just couldn't figure it out.

Warning: (light) Yaoi, slight spoilers

Rating: T (for lime)


24) Manly Tears

Pairing/characters: KenpachixByakuya, Yachiru, IchigoxUrahara (hinted), Yuzu, Aizen, mentions of others.

Description: "Blame Byakuya."  "And what did I do to deserve such blame?"  "You adopted Rukia."

Warning: Random soap-operas, Yachiru (all the warning you really need), Manly Men, crack up the wah-zoo, vaguely referring to 'Outfitting'

Dedication: Draco-sama, for the prompt/pairing.  Thanks a bunch!

Prompt: Manly Tears

Rating: T


25) Phallic

Pairing/characters: GinxIshida, Aizen

Description: Gin wasn't quite sure what to think.

Warning: ...  um...  besides crack...?

Dedication: Draco-sama, for the prompt/pairing.  Thanks a bunch!

Prompt: Shiny, phallic objects


26) Sweet Memories

Pairing/characters: HitsugayaxUkitake, Kusaka Sojiro (memory), Shunsui, Nanao, Matsumoto

Description: All the way back to the academy.  That's how long he'd recieved them.

Warning: Spoilers for the second movie, a little bit of humor, yaoi, MalexMale kiss

Rating: K+


27) For Him

Pairing/characters: (hinted) Past AizenxUnohana, Isane, Hanataro, mentions of others

Description: She could still remember the way he used to smile.

Warning: Angst, spoilers for TBP arc

Dedication: Azar-sama, for the prompt.  Thanks a bunch!

Prompt: Unohana's husband

Rating: K+


28) Strong

Pairing/characters: HanatarouxKira

Description: It was okay if no one else knew, as long as they did.

Warning: Slight angst, spoilers for SRT/New Karakura arc

Dedication: Draco-sama, for the pairing/prompt.  Thanks a bunch!

Prompt: The Strength no one sees

Rating: K+

29) Ice Cream
Pairing/characters: OrihimexMatsumoto, Ichigo, Renji, Hitsugaya
Description: It was a sticky situation. Yes... A very sticky situation indeed.
Warning: Yuri, voyeurism
Dedication: Di-chan!!!
Rating: M


30) War Drums

Pairing/character: Aizen, Ulquiorra, Ichigo, Gin, Halibel, etc (entire fake Karakura cast)

Description: Count the bodies like sheep to the rhythm of the war drums.

Warning: Songfic, gore, macabre content, spoilers for Fake Karakura and Turn Back the Pendulum arcs

Rating: M (for gore and macabre themes)


31) Name that Fruit!

Pairing/characters: IchigoxRenji

Description: He was sure they were teasing him.

Warning: Lime, slight spoilers, rare pairing on my part

Dedication: Dais-sama, for the promt.  Thanks a bunch!

Prompt: Strawberries

Rating: T


32) His New Accessory

Pairing/characters: Aizen, Ulquiorra, Nel, StarkxHalibel, Gin, mentions of others

Description: Nobody knew why, and few were willing to ask, but...  It was still there.

Warning: Crack, random sex toys, the strangeness of Gin, slight spoilers for SRT arc, etc.

Dedication: Azar-sama, for the prompt.  Thanks a bunch!

Prompt: Gin's pretend girlfriend

Rating: M (because...  Just...  Because)


33) Annoyance

Pairing/characters: YoruichixSoifon

Description: If there was one thing Ulquiorra hated more than trash, it was Grimmjow.  But then again, it wasn't like he could do anything about it.

Warning: Ulqui-irritation, some mild crack, ooc, slight spoilers for HM arc.

Dedication: gagboy, for the request (sorry it's so late). Thanks a bunch!

Rating: T (for swearing)


*34) Cold as Ice

Pairing/characters: RukiaxRenji

Description: There were times, few and far between but still there nonetheless, that Renji was terrified of the look in her eyes.

Warning: Dangerous!Rukia, Scared!Renji, spoilers for HM arc.

Dedication: Kali-chan, for the request.

Rating: T


*35) Something

Pairing/characters: ShunsuixNanao

Description: He must have done something right.

Warning: Lime, spoilers for Turn Back the Pendulum arc

Dedication: Kali, for the request.

Rating: T


*36) Stone

Pairing/characters: Byakuya

Description: People wondered how.

Warning: None, really...

Rating: K


*37) Heaven

Pairing/characters: Kuukaku, Kon

Description: Kon had finally found his place.

Warning: Massive crack.  Kon-abuse.

Rating: T


*38) Pink

Pairing/characters: SzayelxIshidaxRenji

Description: It reminded him of bubblegum.  It was so... pink.

Warning: Crack to the nth degree, slight spoilers (if you squint)

Dedication: Draco-sama, for the prompt/pairing.  Thanks a bunch!

Prompt: Bubblegum

Rating: T


*39) Guinea Pig

Pairing/characters: RenjixOrihime, Ichigo, Ishida, Chad, Urahara

Description: It was odd.  It was...  It was...  Just what the hell was it, anyway?

Warning: Crack, Orihime-cooking, more RENPOV, slight spoiler-ish.

Dedication: Draco-sama, for the prompt/pairing.  Thanks a bunch!

Prompt: Springtime

Rating: K+ (mild swearing)


*40) Christmas

Pairing/characters: KiraxByakuya, Rukia, Ichigo, mentions of others

Description: Well, no one had ever accused him of having the best taste in dates, he supposed.

Warning: Face-palm material, Byakuya being...  well, Byakuya, slight crack, lime

Dedication: Draco-sama, for the prompt/pairing.  Thanks a bunch!

Prompt: Silver and Gold

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