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Yu Yu Hakusho



InuYasha and YuYu Hakusho crossover- *Coma Induced Stupidity
When Higurashi Kagome is raped and beaten, her body mangled almost beyond recognition, she wishes that someone would come and make her pain go away. Her wish is granted in the form of cold, sharp-tongued Jaganashi Hiei, a fire/ice youkai hybrid. He and his team are forced to re-enter the Ankoku Bujutsukai(The Darkness Tournament). With no fifth fighter, Kagome displays her miko powers and is accepted into the team. Will all this death be too much for her? And will they, the Tantei, be able to defeat the undefeated Team Inu?


Empty pages
InuYasha x YuYu Hakusho
It was a diary, left behind and seemingly forgotten, but as Kurama discovers it and it's owner's secrets one-by-one, he learns that fate has intervened in his life and cast him into the role of avenger... and rescuer.
Status: On Hiatus
Warning: Insanity, angst, mind-control, spoilers, etc

The Brighter it Gets
X Men: the Movie x Yu-Gi-Oh!
He was supposed to be dead; of that he was sure. So why was he waking up? Bakura Ryo was given a second chance, a chance to change everything, for better or for worse. But at what price?
Status: On Hiatus
Warning: Angst

Naruto x InuYasha
He found her in a river, and comes to realize that saving her life may or may not have been the greatest thing he'd ever done.
Status: Complete
Warning: Citrus, minor insanity, humor, spoilers

Naruto x InuYasha
Sequel to Redemption. Kagome and Itachi have lost everything. Their homes, their betrothed... Their families. But they aren't about to let Sasuke slip through their fingers.
SasuKagIta / NaruSasu / SakuSasu
Status: In Progress
Warning: Citrus, minor insanity, angst, humor, spoilers

InuYashaxYuYu Hakusho
Maybe it was fate. Maybe she was destined to die. But in the end, it doesn't even matter.
Status: Complete
Warning: Implied yaoi, angst, gore, graphic scenes

*Fun 'n' Games at Ye Ran High
Noblesse x InuYasha
Kagome is sold into slavery- sex slavery. Her buyer? Big time 'Sex Play' producer Sesshomaru Taisho. Her job? Perform erotic acts before an audience on stage. How long will she last? Will she ever buy her freedom?
Status: Plotting
Warning: Heavy weird shit, sex, erotica, BDSM, various other types of sexual situations.  This is NOT a fic for children and I will NOT condone them reading it.

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