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Tales of Euphorium

Tales of the Phantom Court
Tales of Euphorium

The Library
Far below the surface of the Earth, there is the rumored Library of ages, with every book ever published.  Every story ever told, every tragedy ever witnessed.  And in the center sleeps a girl.  The last living human.  And she is awakening.
From Princess to Empress to Imperial World Queen.  Sharha aims to dominate.  Along the way, she finds love, trust, anguish and peace, but it would seem that she always falls a little short.  Will she ever come out ahead?
Eluitronwe Vasen
Tron, last living member of the Krietzen born super-clan, has become an assassin for hire in the Intergalactic Black Market.  He is hired by the Duke of Malaika, a province of the country Tanarsia on his home planet.  There, he is instructed to protect and jail Sharha, princess of her country.  Love touches even this mercenary, even as Sharah hardens into a killer right before his eyes.  He becomes her body-guard, silent and forever loyal... Through her tyranny, through her cruelty, through her malice and anger... he stands by her side.
Alice in the Mirror Saga
Alice and the Empress Saga
Sarah Mastars

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