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Goodbye my Almost Lover


Momo stared at the floor beneath her feet.  For a moment she saw blood there but then that was gone, replaced by her tears.  If her Aizen taicho was here, she imagined his hand would be threading through her hair as he apologized for letting that awful Ichimaru convince him to leave.  She imagined that there would be a sweet sadness in his eyes even as he held her in his arms.


He would kiss her forehead and tell her that everything was alright.  He wouldn't ever leave her again and that awful Ichimaru was dead and gone.  Momo let out another sob even as reality slammed down on her with the opening of her door.


Unohana taicho stepped inside and she went to Momo, telling her it was alright.  Momo didn't believe her even as the doctor injected her with tranquilizer.  As darkness came, Momo saw him standing above her, smiling down.  And right beside him was Ichimaru, grinning.


"He's mine, Hina-chan."


She screamed.



Er...  It's rather...  creepy, and don't think I like Momo, because I don't, but I occasionally like to write psycho people.  XD  R&R!

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