The Cronicles of Voscen


The Cronicles of Voscen

These are The Cronicles of the planet Voscen in the galaxy of Enefielden. They are the tales of the beings that live on this planet, most particularly those on the continent known as Irilian. Not all of these tales are long-winded or particularly romantic, but they are true. The names of people have been changed on the account of Soul Possession, but that will be explained later. And someday, I may get to the point where I will tell you about the Wanderers, but who knows? Read at your own risk.

The Cronicles of Voscen

*The Tales of the Wanderer

*A Place Where My Soul Rests

The Gods' Dissention
The War of Klienen
*The Northern Citadel
*The Western City: Krondien
*The Western Citadel
*The Western Prince's Terran
*The Northern Heir and Western Treaty
*The War of Menniseiya


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