The Cronicles of Voscen


Cronicle Two: The War of Kleinen


This cronicle will be told in the point of view of the ancient Queen of Kleinen, Sennyo Tempi, who has ruled the Eastern lands for thousands of years.

One eight nine years after the turn of one thousand, in the 10,189th year of the existance of Voscen, the celestial point of all life and expression, the Queen of Kleinen was headed to war.

She'd already dealt with the spies that had been placed in her kingdom to spy on them. She was tired. But she had to fight for her people. She stared across the field at the Western army and her old ally's young son and daughter, Kōshirō and Kamegami. Sennyo was glad they were on her side, for many had heard of their prowess in battle, especially the youthful Kōshirō.

The lad might only be five hundred years old, but he was a fierce fighter.

Sennyo waited patiently as the demure Princess of the West crossed the field only a few feet in front of her younger brother, a hard look on her face. The young woman stopped before Sennyo and the old Queen could see the late Queen of the West in the girl's eyes.

"Queen Tenpi," Kamegami greeted her.

"Hello, Princess Kamegami," Sennyo replied.

"They will arrive shortly, should our army join your's?" the girl asked.

"Yes," Sennyo agreed.

Her brother stood slightly behind her, looking boredly off to the side, in the general direction of Sennyo's army. His eyes seemed to land on something interesting, because he was staring at it. "'Nee-san..." he started, but instantly silenced himself and looked away from whatever it was, flushing slightly.

Kamegami gave him an annoyed look, muttering under her breath about something that sounded like 'hormones'. She looked back at Sennyo, who was smiling. "What?" she demanded.

"That would be one of my lieutenants, Prince Kōshirō," Sennyo told the boy. "Her name is Hoshi Erufu."

He gave her a disdainful look. "This Kōshirō cares not for such as a lieutenant," he snapped before turning on his heel and starting toward the army.

Kamegami rolled her eyes. "Stupid child. He has no clue who Princess Hoshi is, does he?" she gave the Queen a thoughtful look."A good thing, I'm sure," she added after a moment.

Sennyo nodded, watching as Kōshirō led his army to join her own on the left flank. "Get your brother and get in place by my side, Princess Kamegami," she said. "He has come." She idicated the approaching army of the Northern King, Hachū no Ankoku. He was also an original of the Five Ruling Lords.

The yōkai walked proudly in front of his men with his son beside him. The boy, Drakō, locked eyes with Kōshirō as the Western Prince appeared beside Sennyo with his sister. Then Drakō's own eyes landed on Hoshi.

And Kōshirō growled.

Sennyo and Hachū walked to the center of the field and he bowed. "It will indeed be a great honor to defeat you in battle, Queen Tenpi," he said softly, his voice barely rising above a whisper.

She sighed regretfully. "I am old, but so are you, my old friend. This war will not end with us, but with them." She indicated Kōshirō and Drakō with a slight jerk of her head. The beautiful Kamegami watched the two apathetically. "We only bring centuries of pain to our future people."

Hachū shook his head. "No. We do not. Neither you nor the boy will survive this battle."

"And the Princess? Do you intend to let her live?" she demanded.

"Yes. She and a woman of my son's choosing. It would appear he has his eye on the Princess Hoshi," he said pridefully. "They will make great brides for my sons. Kamegami will be wed to my oldest and Hoshi to my youngest."

Sennyo huffed. "You haven't had the pleasure in meeting either, have you?" she demanded. "Hoshi is willful and strong, a wild mare that will never be tamed. And Kamegami? She is far out of your son's league."

She watched as the young yōkai in question, long blond hair and a sparkling smile, stepped up beside his dark haired brother. The boy said something and Kamegami smirked in amusement. "She is a general of generals, her skill only surpassed by that of her brother," Sennyo murmured.

"Then she can be brought to her knees easily," Hachū boasted.

As if she knew she was the subject of their conversation, Kamegami looked up and smiled. It wasn't a beautiful, welcoming smile,but rather a threatening, deadly smile. She winked at the Northern Lord.

It was at that time that Tamaki, the blond son of the Northern Lord, shouted something at her and charged. She dodged the blow,not killing the yōkai. As she conjured a cloud of magic, she glanced at Sennyo. The old Queen nodded and was rewarded withidentical blood-thirsty grins from the siblings.

Sennyo lunged at Hachū.


Three hours later, the Northern army retreated, Drakō as their leader now. Sennyo had beheaded Hachū and Kamegami sliced Tamaki in half, the upper part of his body falling at the same time as the lower and a spray of blood drenching the bottom of her white silk hakama. She'd landed gracefully a few feet away and instantly felled three other foes before Drakō called for a retreat. She and Sennyo had been forced to subdue the enraged Kōshirō or watch him slaughter millions.

Hence was the War of Kleinen and the truce between the West and the East.


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