The Cronicles of Voscen


Cronicle One: The Gods' Dissention


This Cronicle is in no person's point of view, but simply a telling of a time that the Gods walked among the Voscians.

Three five two years after the turn of one thousand, in the 5,352nd year of the existance of Voscen, the celestial point of all life and expression, there was a light. High up in the sky, the Gods had begun to descend. The people of Voscen were some terrified, some not. For, with the Gods to walk among them, they would not be able to spin their wicked webs with the ease of before.

The Gods, knowing of these crimes and terrors, had taken it upon themselves to protect what they had created. And thus they lowered all but their lives to the level of Voscians. They took control of the four directions and the central region and placed a family above everyone but themselves, hence creating the Five Ruling Lords. To the East, they placed control in the hands of the Elvan Queen, Sennyo Tenpi. To the South, they placed control in the hands of the Neko Yōkai King, Tora Kuroi. To the West, they placed control in the hands of the Inu Yōkai King, Kasshoku Kaimetsu. To the North, they placed control in the hands of the Majo Mei King of the Doragon Yōkai, Hachū no Ankoku. In the Central Region, they placed control in the hands of the Seirei Yōkai King, Makon Itonami. And the Five Ruling Lords were supreme and prosperous.

The Gods remained among the Voscians for three hundred years before departing and leaving control in the hands of the Five Ruling Lords of power.


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