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Crimson Preview; A .hack fanfiction

"Message Helba and tell her that I need her help," Balmung ordered.

"What?" Fruit demanded, jogging up next to them.

"Who's 'Helba'?" Chimera added, appearing on their other side.

"A Hacker," Balmung answered stiffly.

"But you hate Hackers!" Ichigo blurted, blushing at her outburst immediately after.  "And stop squeezing my arm so hard!  It hurts!"

Balmung froze, his grip tightening on her arm and his expression turning thunderous.  When Ichigo gasped in pain, he let go, clenching his fists furiously at his sides as the group stared at him in both horror and terror.  Experimentally, slowly, he reached out and pinched FruityTooty, and even though she watched the progress of his hand, she still yelped in surprise when it actually hurt.  He swore softly.

"That hurt," Chimera stated, eyes narrowing dangerously at the other male.  "Why did that hurt?"

"I think...  It's a virus," the Blademaster answered after a moment.  "One that somehow brings the players into the World."



When the players on Delta server are thrust into the World, it's up to heros old and new to save everyone and send them home.  But, through perils none of them have ever experienced in real life, can they survive long enough to make it?

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