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War Drums

30) War Drums
Pairing/character: Aizen, Ulquiorra, Ichigo, Gin, Halibel, etc (entire fake Karakura cast)
Description: Count the bodies like sheep to the rhythm of the war drums.
Warning: Songfic, gore, macabre content, spoilers for Fake Karakura and Turn Back the Pendulum arcs
Rating: M (for gore and macabre themes)

<-Ice Cream

Don't fret precious, I'm here...

Aizen raised his reiatsu just enough to inform his Espada that he knew their every move. Ah. Baragan's fraccion had just been defeated, by Yamamoto no less. Over there, Stark and Shunsui weren't really trying, though Aizen suspected it had something to do with Lilinet, who was currently trying to egg on Ukitake. He should have forewarned her that the attempt would be wasted. The most he'd do would be placing a binding kido on her to cease her attempts at drawing him into a fight.

Aizen chuckled. This was proving to be rather interesting...

Step away from the window... and go back to sleep...

Stark jolted a bit with the sudden reminder that Aizen was still here. Man, he wanted a nap. Unfortunately, this Shunsui guy didn't look like he was going to allow it. Too bad, too. He didn't want to have to kill anybody; it was a waste of breath and nap-time. It was always so difficult to kill people, which is why he normally forewent it in favor of some sleep.

He was beginning to notice a pattern, not that it would change anything.

Another raise in reiatsu from Aizen sent him stumbling, even though he was so far away. Shunsui kindly waited for him to regain his footing before trying to kill him again.

Lay your head down child, I won't let the Boogeyman come...

Orihime cried. "HELP ME, KUROSAKI-KUN!!!" she screamed, tears streaming down her cheeks. Her eyes snapped open and Ulquiorra whirled around, batting away an attack from Ishida, even as Ichigo seemingly rose from the dead.

Ulquiorra's eyes were wide in shock. Ichigo's hair was growing longer, and he was growling. He straightened completely, his gaze locking on Orihime, and for a moment, she wondered if he'd simply hollowfied. Then, "... Inoue..."

His gaze slowly traveled upwards, and then he was suddenly behind Ulquiorra, his sword piercing flesh as a fierce war cry was torn from his throat. Blood flew through the air in a macabre show of ruby beauty, and Orihime felt sick.

Count their bodies like sheep to the rhythm of the war drums...

Gin was grinning, counting each time a shinigami fell, whether they rose again or not. He even counted the fallen arrancar. He tsked. "Such a shame, Aizen taicho," he commented, earning a raised brow from his lord, silently beckoning him to go on. "We don' get ta help," he clarified.

Aizen chuckled. "Indeed. But we will have our chance to shine, Gin, fear not."

Tosen sniffed. "As long as justice is served, it matters not."

"We know," the other two chorused, rolling their eyes.

Pay no mind to the rabble, pay no mind to the rabble...

Ishida stared up as Kurosaki beat the ever living shit out of Ulquiorra, even as Inoue healed him. Soon enough, his arm was restored, and the pain was fading away. How scary. All it had taken was Orihime's distress, and Kurosaki had risen from the dead. What sort of shinigami was he?

"Kurosaki-kun will win..." Orihime murmured, looking down. Her voice didn't sound confident- It sounded terrified...

Head down, go to sleep to the rhythm of the war drums...

Hitsugaya parried another one of Halibel's attacks, breathing heavily. He had scrapes and scratches all over his body, slowing him down, but he simply used his ice to stop the flow of blood and carried on.

"Your body is covered in mostly ice, shinigami captain," Halibel pointed out softly.

"I know," he replied. Ice zanpakuto. Duh.

She glared at him for his belligerent tone and swung her sword again, the blade knicking his arm and sending blood flying like raindrops. "Just die, Aisu-oji," she hissed, striking again and again. Finally, her sword met flesh, but only at the same time as his.

Pay no mind to what other voices say, they don't care about you, like I do (like I do)...

Rangiku's side burned and pulsed. She felt as if someone had ripped the very organs out of her chest, and then she felt kido, and realized that someone had ripped the organs out. When she opened her eyes, a pale blue gaze flickered to her face for half a second before he continued with what he was doing.

"K-Kira? What... happened?" she gasped out, barely able to breathe.

"A monster," he answered. "Please hang on, Rangiku-san. I'm almost finished."

She looked around. "What happened to the monster?" she wondered aloud.

"Yamamoto-sotaicho dispatched it," Hisagi answered, hovering nearby and doing his best to heal Hinamori.

Rangiku's eyes widened and she searched for him, finally finding him, standing a few yards away, glaring imperiously at the people before him. "Yama... moto... so... taicho," she panted, gritting her teeth as the burn of her organs rebuilding suddenly became more intense.

Safe from pain, and truth, and choice..., and other poison devils...

Ulquiorra gritted his teeth, his face pressed against the dirt, his periphereal gaze focused on the... thing pointing a cero at his head. Somehow, though, the Quincy managed to divert Kurosaki's attention long enough to spare his life. As Kurosaki turned his attack on the Quincy, Ulquiorra's eyes narrowed. Now was his chance! And he leaped.

"Do you fear me, woman?"

"... I don't fear you..."


But instead, when all was said and done... He faded.

See, they don't give a fuck about you, like I do...


Name that Fruit!->

There are major spoilers in this. Like, seriously. Some parts I did make up, and others I didn't. Some dialogue and all characters belong to Kubo Tite-san. R&R and if you have a pairing/prompt request, lemme know! XD

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