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22) Takoyaki
Pairing/characters: ByakuyaxRenji
Description: Right... now. Okay, now. No... Now. Dammit.
Warning: (light) yaoi, slight spoiler-ish
Dedication: Draco-sama, since she likes this pairing.
Rating: T (for lime)

<-Blood Soaked

Byakuya was frozen where he stood. He didn't so much as flinch, much less think. His eyes were wide, staring sightlessly at a blur of red and black. There was a slight pressure on his lips, and something squeezing his wrist gently, and by Kami-sama, he really couldn't figure out the taste of takoyaki in his mouth. He couldn't remember having takoyaki today, or the entire week, for that matter, so it took probably longer than it should have for him to figure out where the taste was coming from.

Renji must have had takoyaki today.

Of course, the reason he was almost certain of this was... well, Renji was kissing him. In the rain. And they were both soaking wet and getting wetter by the minute. Of course, Byakuya hadn't noticed this on the account that he was still stuck on the tiny fact that Renji. Was. Kissing. Him. Him. His vice captain was kissing him. He, Kuchiki Byakuya, head of the noble Kuchiki house, was being kissed. By Renji. By his vice captain. By another man, though he subconsciously veered away from that line of thinking.

But probably the most startling fact of all was that... he really didn't mind. In fact, he, Kuchiki Byakuya, head of the noble Kuchiki house, was going to kiss him back. That was the plan, and he was sticking to it. Definitely. He would kiss Renji back... right... now. Okay, now. No... Now. Dammit.

Renji pulled away, disappointment in his eyes. "Gomen, taicho, I thought-"

Now. Byakuya silenced the fool's muttering permanently. Takoyaki was very tasty.


Hell Butterfly->

I just noticed that I usually write from Renji's point of view when he's in the story. Odd, no? So I got halfway through writing it in his point of view, noticed this, and rewrote it in Byakuya's point of view.... Lol. R&R and if you have any pairing/prompt requests, lemme know! XD

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