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28) Strong
Pairing/characters: HanatarouxKira
Description: It was okay if no one else knew, as long as they did.
Warning: Slight angst, spoilers for SRT arc
Dedication: Draco-sama, for the pairing/prompt. Thanks a bunch!
Prompt: The Strength no one sees
Rating: K+

<-For Him

As Izuru-chan pours them some tea, Hanataro can't help but marvel at the inherent grace his lover exudes, even while executing the most mundane of tasks. Kira pours the tea, eyelids lowered as he watches what he's doing carefully, and chats idly about his day at work and how silly everyone was being. He can't help it if they think he's grieving, but really, he doesn't blame them and neither does Hanataro. No one knows that they have each other, and that's okay.

Hanataro smiles as Izuru tells one particular story, motioning to the proof draped on a peg by the door; a scarf, courtesy of Hisagi-senpai. He tells his lover that it looks rather lovely, and Izuru-chan offers to ask Hisagi-senpai to make one for Hanataro. But no, Hanataro doesn't need one.

He takes up the freshly made tea and sips it, smiling across the table at his lover, who smiles back, and he comments that Izuru-chan is doing remarkably well in his captain's absence. Even though the man betrayed him, he's doing just fine, being so strong, even though no one seems to notice. Izuru smiles at this and tells Hanataro that he's glad at least his lover noticed.

So, as Izuru-chan leans forward, his lips meeting Hanataro's lovingly, Hanataro can't help but think that it's okay if no one else knows, as long as they do.



This was surprisingly short and sweet, if I do say so myself. Thanks again to Draco-sama for the prompt/pairing. XD R&R and if you have a request pairing/prompt, lemme know and I'll do my best to fulfill it!

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