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Seven Minutes in Heaven

<-Special Report: A Menace to Society

Soifon shot Kenpachi a glare.  Zaraki grinned back.  She yelped when he grabbed her ass.  Again.  And then...


Soifon shot Kenpachi a glare.  Zaraki grinned back.  Wash, rinse, repeat.  After this cycle repeated at least three more times, Soifon finally got annoyed with it.  "Stop it, you damn pervert!" she snapped in a low voice.  Zaraki had the sudden childish urge to stick his tongue out at her.  Obviously a man that obeyed his urges, he did.  She stared at him like he was nuts, which was entirely possible and he grinned back.  And then he groped her again.


She looked torn between smacking him and obeying her Yoruichi-sama.  Obviously, the latter won out, and she kept her hands to herself.  Not that he did, though.  She smacked his hand away again and glared at the closet door.  If it weren't for her Yoruichi-sama, she wouldn't even be in this damn closet to begin with.


"The game's called Seven Minutes in Heaven!  Right, Ichigo?"




"Aw!  Okay, spin the bottle!  Oh, look!  It's Bumble-chan and Ken-chan!  Go in the closet and do anything you want for seven minutes!  We'll tell you when your time is up!"


Dammit.  Soifon yelped again when he groped her and she could have sworn she'd heard a snicker on the other side of the door.


"Yanno," Kenpachi drawled, amused.  "We can do anything we want for seven minutes."


She shot him a glare.  "I'm doing exactly what I want, Zaraki taicho," she replied coolly.


He whistled.  "Well, so am I."  This time, he grabbed her boob.


She slapped him but that grin didn't leave his face.  "Pervert!"  There was that snicker again.


Zaraki frowned.  "You're not being any fun, Soifon," he said, pretending he wasn't pouting.  He was a manly man after all.  Manly men didn't pout.  So, rather than pout he grabbed her waist, ignoring her shriek and pulled her up onto his lap, heedless of the clawed nails trying to snatch out his eye.




When the door was pulled open by Yoruichi, Kenpachi was a twitching, grinning puddle on the floor, though there were no obvious wounds as Soifon stepped out stiffly.  She shot Urahara a glare when the geta-boshi dared chuckle and walked out of the room.  No one ever found out what she did to poor Zaraki taicho.


Left in the Dust->

Oh, Gods, I had so much fun writing this.  Lol.  And only I know what she did.  XD  R&R.  Also, sorry for the delay in posting.  If you checked my profile page, you would have seen why.  Until this morning, my computer had been broken, but thankfully it is now fixed and I shall resume all updating (sorta).  Thanks for your patience!  XD  I'll be updating only once a week from now on, since it's easier to keep track of.  Either Sunday or a nearby day every week.

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