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Pairing/characters: IchigoxByakuya, mentions of others
Description: He never would have pegged the noble as the 'groping' sort. Random idea
Warnings: Spoilers
Dedication: To Azar-sama, who is a wonderfully funny writer.
Rating: T


The first time it happened, Ichigo was certain that it was an accident, and the second time it became a coincidence, but the third... Well, Ichigo blushed since there was no way it was either a coincidence or an accident. He whirled around with the intention of demanding what Byakuya thought he was doing, only to see that the noble was nowhere in sight. Ichigo's brow furrowed in confusion, before his attention was taken by Yachiru, who had rounded the corner and promptly tackled him. And then he ran, because wherever Yachiru was, Kenpachi was bound to be somewhere nearby.

After ditching both Yachiru and her father, for lack of a better word, Ichigo made his way to the sixth division. He walked into the outer office and demanded to know where Byakuya was.

"How the hell'm I supposed to know?" Renji demanded, irritated. He dipped his quill in the inkwell on the corner of his desk and began to rant. "He comes in here this morning, informs me that he has more important things to do, and tells me that I'm gonna do all the paperwork by myself and that I'd better have it finished by the time he comes back."

"And did he say when he was coming back?" Ichigo asked through gritted teeth, determined to get to the bottom of this.

Renji shrugged. "Not in so many words. I think he said something about 'returning by sundown at the latest'." Renji shook his head. "Yer welcome to wait, if ya don't make too much noise."

Ichigo nodded and sat in a chair off to the side, awaiting Byakuya's return. At some point, he must have dozed off, because he was jolted awake when something grabbed his thigh. He was relieved to see that Byakuya was nowhere in sight, and was about to settle back down, when he caught sight of Renji. The vice captain was staring at Ichigo in abject horror, his eyes wide and a shocked look on his face.

Ichigo felt something akin to dread stir in his stomach. "I wasn't dreaming, was I?" he asked, pretending that his voice hadn't been this side of a squeak. Renji shook his head dumbly, swearing when he realized that the quill had, at some point, dropped from his fingers and made a mess on the paper he was working on. Ichigo gulped and looked around the outer office, only to see that Byakuya's office door had been slid shut. It hadn't been earlier, since the noble wasn't present then.

The strawberry boy got to his feet, stomped to the door, yanked it open, and stepped inside. Byakuya looked up, raising a brow as the door was slammed shut once more. "Was there something you wanted?" he asked calmly, his face perfectly composed and showing no emotion what-so-ever.

"Yes!" Ichigo snapped, walking over and leaning over the desk threateningly. "Would you tell me what the hell you think you're doing, Byakuya? Now?"

Byakuya sighed. "So impatient," he muttered.

"I heard that!" Ichigo retorted, blushing as he realized just how close their faces had become. He watched in shock as Byakuya reached up and clasped his chin, before pulling him forward and into a kiss. And really, Ichigo wasn't sure what to think, so he didn't bother trying. After all, Byakuya was rather pretty, almost like a girl. So he kissed him back, deciding that, though he hadn't pegged the noble as the 'groping sort', he could've done worse.


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