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Ire of the Dragon God

<-The Things We Do

The first time, when his sword had run her through, he'd had the satisfaction of watching first shock, then sadness and finally fury spread across dear Toshiro-kun's face.  The second time, it was even sweeter.  She stared up at him, tears washing over her cheeks, blood pouring down her stomach, and reached for him still.  Such a lovely subordinate.


"A-Aizen... taicho..." she whispered, shocked.  "W-why?"


He leaned down, placing his mouth beside her ear, all the while watching poor little Toshiro-kun's face as it became enraged.  "I have one last task for you, Hinamori-kun," he whispered to her.


"One...  last task...?" she asked, already starting to go limp, his grip on the blade through her middle the only thing keeping her upright.  "W-what is it, Aizen taicho?" she whispered, desperation in her voice.


Ah, so very lovely.  Dear Hinamori-kun would do anything for her Aizen taicho, even if she were on her death bed when he told her to do it.  She really was a very lovely subordinate.  "Die, Hinamori-kun, and don't survive.  For my new world order."


Her eyes widened, before he pushed her off of the blade, the sound making a sickening 'plop' as she fell away, dropping downwards like a stone.  Toshiro-kun leaped to catch her, but was forced to dodge a kido from Gin.  He reached out, attempting to grab her, only for gravity to suck her down, spattering her blood along the ground in a beautifully grotesque arch to either side of her, a sick crunch announcing the breaking of more than one bone upon impact.  The blood itself started at the edges of her body and arched outward, almost like wings.  Ah, dear Hinamori-kun was a butterfly.  Now she could fly.


Aizen smiled, and watched the trembling outrage overtake Toshiro-kun's judgement in a second, forcing Matsumoto and Kira to hold him back as he roared with fury.  "Ta ta, Hinamori-kun," Gin said beside him, wiggling his fingers at the dead girl.


She didn't respond, her eyes open but unseeing as she lay there, dead.  Good thing Orihime-chan wasn't here; she would have ruined such a pretty picture.


"Aizen!  You traitor!" Hitsugaya screamed, struggling with the two vice captains.  His reiatsu swirled around him, quickly becoming tangible and shaped like Hiyorinmaru's spirit form.  The dragons, both young shinigami and ancient zanpakuto spirit, glared at him and roared in fury simultaneously.


Aizen smiled.  "The second time, Toshiro-kun, it's always sweeter."


Hitsugaya roared and broke free of their hold on him, going forward in a swirling mass of icy, deadly ire.  Aizen welcomed it.


Blood Soaked->

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