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Hell Butterfly

23) Hell Butterfly
Pairing/character: ByakuyaxRenji
Description: Renji just couldn't figure it out.
Warning: (light) Yaoi, slight spoilers, serious crack.
Rating: T (for lime)


Renji was perplexed. He was confused. He was befuddled, bemused, puzzled, stumped, addled and at a loss. Why, you ask? He wasn't quite sure, to be honest, which would probably be why in the first place. But for some reason, one unknown to him and was thus the reason for his confusion, he couldn't stop staring. Of course, the reason he was staring was because everyone else was, and he didn't know why, so he decided to stare too on the off chance that he'd figure it out.

That had been a week ago, and now he was hooked. He couldn't stop, and that was probably why everyone else did it. It was addictive.

There was a sigh, and his captain stopped walking, turning to raise a brow at Renji. "Why are you staring at me, Renji?" he asked, sounding annoyed.

Renji was rather surprised the usually oblivious man had noticed. Then again, when one didn't stop staring, even when his captain was looking, Renji supposed even Kurosaki would have noticed by now. The redhead wasn't very good at being subtle.

And the rain wasn't helping at all.


"Oh... Uh... No reason," Renji muttered, finally looking away. "Taicho," he added after several seconds had passed, causing Byakuya to sigh again.

"Well, stop it." And he turned around, flicking some water off of his umbrella, and began to walk again.

That's when they started. And what are 'they', you ask? The Thoughts. Yes, that was capitalized. With a capital 'T', at least in Renji's mind. The Thoughts urged him to reach out, grab his captain, and do just what everyone else wanted to but were too scared to contemplate for long. The Thoughts were tantalizing. They wanted him to do it....

And honestly, they were pretty damn convincing.

Renji must have stopped walking, because his captain halted seconds later, no more than a few feet away, and turned, frowning. "Renji, what are you doing?"

Renji wondered. The Thoughts urged. He gave in pretty quickly, too. The redhead reached out and snagged his captain's hand, yanking him back to where Renji stood, their lips crashing together and that umbrella falling to the ground in his captain's surprise. He tasted like tea. No surprise there.

When his captain didn't respond, Renji sighed in dissapointment and began to pull away. "Gomen, taicho," he muttered, starting to turn away in embarrassment. "I thought-"

He was interrupted, luckily, gloriously, when his captain grabbed his shoulder and yanked him back, growling something under his breath that sounded suspicously like 'now, dammit' before he kissed him back. Renji had finally figured it out. This was why.


Manly Tears->

A sort of switched POV (point of view) for 'Takoyaki'.

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