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Blood Soaked

21) Blood Soaked
Pairing/characters: Nnoitra, adult Neliel
Description: He was finished, but why did he think of her?
Warning: Gore, macabre content, Spoilers for HM arc
Rating: M (for gore and macabre themes)

<-Ire of the Dragon God

After that kendo strike, everything was over really, but Nnoitra refused to just lay down and die. So he stood, shouting at his opponent and egging the shinigami on. He was in his element, after all. The blood was running thickly down his sides and he could already feel his guts hanging out in the front. And for some reason, he had a flash of her. Of long ago, when she chided him as she always had.

Che, bitch.

"Why do you insist on fuckin' mockin' everything I do?" he demanded, glaring at her.

Neliel sniffed and looked away, as cool-headed as usual, even though she was bathed in the blood of his slaughter. In fact, she looked rather sexy like that, not that he'd admit it. "Because you are a fool," she replied. "And as such, someone needs to keep an eye on you or else you'd bruise the honor of all present and future Espada."

"Che, don't be a bitch," he snarled before turning and hacking down a bastard that didn't seem to want to die.

Neliel sighed and beheaded the man, giving Nnoitra an annoyed look as she passed by him. "Don't be a fool, and I won't be a 'bitch'," was her reply.

Bitch. "Whatever." He slashed at another, their blood making an attractive arc through the air before imitating that arc on the ground. Almost like a blood-red rainbow.

He was cut down quickly enough, which was probably why she was the last thing he saw.

"N...noitra?" Nel whispered, staring at him.



I hope you liked! Yes, I was in a macabre mood when I wrote this and the previous drabble. Lol.

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