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33) Annoyance
Pairing/characters: Ulquiorra, Grimmjow
Description: If there was one thing Ulquiorra hated more than trash, it was Grimmjow. But then again, it wasn't like he could do anything about it.
Warning: Ulqui-irritation, some mild crack, ooc, slight spoilers for HM arc
Dedication: gagboy, for the request. Thanks a bunch!
Rating: T (for swearing)

<-His New Accessory

"Oi, asshole, what the fuck d'ya think yer doin'?"

I had been having a great day today. Everything from the time I awoke to assist Aizen-sama with something this morning to now had been near perfect, and the highlight of my day had been that Aizen-sama had sent that rat- ahem, cat off to the real world for some experiment. So, naturally, I now wanted to bang my head against the wall with those few little words coming from his mouth. Either that, or rip his tongue out, and I had been told specifically that that wasn't an option. At least not at the moment; I relished the day when Aizen-sama changed his mind.

So as it was, I continued walking and ignored him.

"Oi! Asshole!" Grimmjow growled in annoyance and jogged to get to me, then to keep up. Aa, he was rather short for a pathetic piece of shit, wasn't he? "I asked you a question, teme," he told me.

I snorted softly. "A question is usually deemed polite," I replied, then realized my error and swore. I spoke and now he'd never go away, damn dipshit. "Don't you have someone else to bother?"

Grimmjow glared and slipped into a sulk. "I can't find anyone..."

Aa, so I was the idiot today, was I? Dammit, even Yammy appeared to have been successful in avoiding this useless brute. How disappointing. "Perhaps Gin-sama is hiding them," I commented.

"Hiding them? From me?"


"Why the fuck would he be hiding them from me?"

"... You're right, that's completely out of character. Maybe Szayel is hiding them."

"Why would they be hiding?!" Grimmjow demanded irritably.

I shrugged. "It's... Your birthday, so perhaps they are making a surprise party..." What was I thinking? Surely he wouldn't believe-

"What?!" He looked aghast. "Really? Maybe I should find them and see what they got me, then." He turned sharply away and waved at me over his shoulder. "Thanks, asshole!" With that, he darted off.

"..." Was he really that stupid? What the hell? I shook my head and decided that Grimmjow was even more of an idiot than I'd originally thought he was.


I like the way this one came out...

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