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Chapter 2! Yays.

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Outside the cave they'd called 'home' for the past month, the infamous Thief King, yoko Kurama was soundly beating the inu half-breed. He'd eventually gotten tired of the boy's possessiveness about the miko - that Kurama had decided to claim, though the boy didn't yet know it - that lay inside. Thus, he'd taunted the inu so much that he'd chased after the kitsune in a rage until Kurama had gotten him away from the miko. This was when he'd started beating on the child. Abuse, yes; deserved, of course; morally right? Eh, semantics.

"Missed me," Kurama drawled as he dodged yet another of those scary sword attacks. Scary in that he'd be deader than dead if he got caught by one. Not that he'd be caught by one, but still. It was the principal of the matter.

The boy snarled and pounced again, though Kurama dodged with the ease of someone very used to being chased. Off to the side, Miroku sighed in exasperation and offered Kuronue some tea. "Must they fight like this every day?" Sango asked, frowning as Kurama leaped up into the air, touched down on the hanyo's head for less than a second and sprung higher from just that, hovering for a moment before throwing all his weight down and landing with jarring force on top of Inuyasha. The watchers all cringed and sipped their tea in tandem.

"I have no idea," Kuronue replied, glancing side-long at the taijya and contemplating the wisdom of hitting on her. He discarded the idea when she smacked the monk after he felt her up. Kuronue might not be as lucky, given that they didn't really trust each other.

The monk sighed and idly scratched the red mark now branded to his face. "Ah. I think they are both quite enamored with Kagome-sama."

Apparently, Kurama heard Miroku's words and faltered, not dodging before Inuyasha could elbow him in the face. The two then started rolling around, trying to get at each other's faces. Kuronue wondered if it had been deliberate, on the hoshi's part. Probably. Of course, this didn't change the fact that it was probably true. Kurama shot him a glare, as if hearing his thoughts (though that wasn't within the kitsune's abilities) and finally stopped playing with the hanyo, smashing his face into the ground and leaping to his feet. Firmly ignoring the spectators, Kurama stomped into the cave. He was surprised to find the miko sitting up and fondly toying with the little fox kit's curls.

"Miko-chan," he murmured, pausing in the entrance of the second chamber.

She started and looked up, eyes widening slightly. "Who... Who are you?" she asked, stunned.

He smirked and bowed. "Infamous thief king, the yoko Kurama," he introduced as regally as he could manage.

Her next words made him frown. "Where's Inuyasha?" She peered around the cave, her powers brushing against his skin in such an unsettling manner that he flinched. The movement made her look at him and she frowned. "Are... are you okay, Kurama-sama?" she asked, looking concerned.

He was torn between being irritated at her obvious lack of control and smug at the 'sama' she'd tacked onto the end of his name. Another painful brush on his person had him settling on the former. "Miko-chan, do control your powers. It hurts," he replied, brow twitching faintly.

At his admonishment, she turned a very fascinating shade of red and her powers were suddenly so tightly controlled that it were as if they had never existed. Frankly, he was impressed. "S-sorry," she stammered, turning redder.

He waved a dismissive hand, walking forward only a few steps when he was suddenly tackled from behind with a furious yell of, "I thought I told you to stay away from her, bastard!" Kurama gritted his teeth and twisted himself so that he rolled the two of them onto their backs and elbowed the boy in the gut. The hanyo released him with a grunt and Kurama turned around, caging him into place and glaring down into suddenly very wide golden eyes not unlike his own.

"Now, I am going to tell you something, and you are going to agree with it, since I certainly do not want to do anything that would upset the dear miko-"

"Kagome," both of them corrected, and he barely resisted the urge to roll his eyes.

"Kagome, then," he said and poked Inuyasha in the chest. "She. is. mine. Got it?"

"Oh, hell no!" Inuyasha attempted to shove Kurama off of him, only to let out a very undignified squeak when Kurama pressed his knee against a very sensitive part of his anatomy. The color had by now deserted the boy's face, but Kurama didn't care.

"Mine," the kitsune repeated, eyes narrowing. "Got it?" He pressed his knee harder and was a little stunned when the boy moaned. Oh. Well, that was interesting. Of course, so was the red color Kagome's face had taken on, very nearly matching that of the smaller kitsune now awake and staring at them in mixed horror and fascination. Smirking, Kurama jerked his head toward the entrance of the cave, indicating that the kit should leave. He was, needless to say, instantly obeyed.

Kagome, eyes wide enough that Kurama was a little surprised that they weren't falling out, let out a soft squeak herself. "U-um... Th-that's... You shouldn't... Uh..." She trailed off and gulped, eyes lowering to where his knee was, then moving to Inuyasha's now red face. "Inu... yasha?"

The hanyo groaned softly and raised one hand to cover his face, looking very much humiliated. "It's not what it looks like, Kagome," he said, not sounding at all convinced himself.

"Oh?" Kurama prompted, smirking wider. "Isn't it?" He accented this statement by pressing his knee a little harder against the very obvious arousal. Inuyasha moaned once again and twitched very slightly.

Fortunately, it was enough to convince Kagome. "Oh... my... god," she mumbled, staring at the inu incredulously. "He's gay." It explained everything. She couldn't believe she hadn't seen it before. Oh gods.

"I'm not gay!" Inuyasha protested, scowling even as he moaned at another grind from Kurama's knee.

For his part, the yoko was very much enjoying himself. This couldn't have been more entertaining even if Kurama tried. Especially the look on Kagome's face. Priceless. "Well, if you're not gay, then you certainly swing both ways," he replied, smirking widely. "You know, I could help you out with that." He quirked a suggestive brow, barely refraining from laughing outright as both of their faces burned brighter. "I'm not adverse to it."

"G-get off of me!" Inuyasha yelped, sounding both frantic and mortified. "I had... I didn't even... Ack! Get off!"

The second brow lifted to join it's brother, fox ears twitching as Kurama moved his legs so that he was straddling the much younger male. "Oh, so this is a first? You didn't know? How... interesting. Don't tell me you've never had sex with a male before?"

"You have?" they chorused.

"Well... Kuronue and I have been partners for an awfully long time," Kurama pointed out with a chuckle. Oh, this was so good. Really, he should have someone write this up eventually. He couldn't have come up with a better way to embarrass the crap out of the hanyo if he'd tried to.

While Inuyasha was trying to sink into the floor - largely unsuccessfully, at that - Kagome was alternating between staring at them thoughtfully and blushing like the school-girl she was. She opened and closed her found several times, gaping openly at them. Finally, she settled into a contemplative expression, eyes looking back and forth between Inuyasha and Kurama. "Well, damn," she said, brow lifting, perplexed. "If this isn't hotter than anything, I don't know what is."

That was definitely positive, Kurama decided, and grinded his hips against Inuyasha, knocking aside the boy's hands when he half-heartedly tried to shove him away. A silver brow quirked. "Would you like to join? I believe I've found a much more useful way to expend the hanyo's surplus of energy."

Her eyes widened further. "W-what? M-me? N-no." She blushed brighter and hesitantly added, "B-but I'll watch. If that's okay."

"Perfectly!" Kurama chirped and grinned in a predatory way down at the wide-eyed hanyo.

"Shit," Inuyasha muttered.


Tis the end. Haha. Honestly, I planned on making it where Kurama sorta pins Kag, and then Inuyasha walks in on them, but this worked out so much for the better. Poor Inu. He had NO IDEA that he was gay. I knew it, though. It explains everything. XD

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