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A Way

A Way
Fandom: Flame of Recca
Characters: RaihaxFuko (implied), Mikoto, Kurei, Neon, Domon, Kagero, mentions of others
Description: There was a way. Fuko, fight!
Rating: T
Dedication: For those who actually like my FoR fics...

As Mikoto cackled in the arena, Raiha's fists shook. It took everything he had to stand there, doing nothing to save the girl fighting his comrade, and listen as the words Mikoto imparted cut deep welts into his heart.

"You have ten minutes!" the bitch declared, grinning with manic glee at her perceived victory. "That's how long it takes for the poison to spread!"

Poison... Fuko... Fight it! he silently pleaded, swallowing from the sidelines. Even Neon had fallen silent in shock, her gaze switching between the fighters and Raiha himself.

"You'll never know the embrace of the man you love!" Mikoto bragged.

Never? he wondered.

"You'll never see your mommy again!" She spread her arms wide, laughing loudly. "That's how Mikoto, the Taker of Life, kills! That's my secret! Fear death, Fuko!"

Don't give in. Don't give up. Fight it! There's a way!

"Ahahaah! I love to watch fools beg for their life when despair overcomes them!" the mad woman gleefully announced.

"FUUKOOO!" came the desperate scream of Domon, eyes wide with terror.

Fight... Fuko, fight...

Neon trembled faintly, aware she was standing within reach of a very pissed off man. A commotion was happening with the Hokage, but neither noticed. She didn't particularly care...

Above the ring, Kurei surveyed it all expressionlessly. Why does he care? he wondered, impassively surveying his puppet. Raiha was absolutely furious... how interesting... Though, a part of him deep inside knew that Kurei would never use it against Raiha. He wouldn't really need to...

"WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO? CAN'T WE DO ANYTHING!" Domon screamed in response to something said by Kagero.

No, Kurei thought with a smirk.

Let her fight it on her own. She's strong enough, thought Raiha.

She is doomed! the culprit thought victoriously. This bitch'll die!

"There is a way!" Kagero declared loudly, capturing everyone's attention.

Raiha relaxed fractionally. Yes... There was that...

There was a way.

Fuko wouldn't die.

Not before Raiha had his own chance.


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