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The Sorrowful Vampress' Website



Hey! This is the site that you'll be able to see my upcoming stories, comment on the ones I have, and just generally give me tips you think would be helpful. I don't appreciate spammers or flames, but I'll take it if it will help me become a better writer. Thanks!

Here are my profiles on my fave sites. And yes, I write on all of them. These sites are where you can find my work. Or other, stupid stuff...

TheSorrowfulVampress on fanfiction.net

TheSorrowfulVampress on DeviantArt


Please get in touch and let me know what you think of this site.  Thanks for visiting! And please feel free to request for my Bleach drabble series, Seireitei Serenade! It would be much appreciated. Requests for anything else, let me know.

Like fanfiction?  You can find my fanfics here.